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Vävkompaniets medlemmar
Vävkompaniet is a craft shop and gallery in the city of Borås. The shop is operated by a number of members who love to weave differently weaves with experimentation and craftmenship.
    Vävkompaniet was founded 20 years ago when four girls who just completed the one-year cours at Väfskolan wanted to continue to weave together. The members now are Helén Hedin, Anne-Jeanette Rosberg Kroon, Titti Jonsson, Ulla Larsson, Maria Stawåsen and Ulla-Maija Airola.

Now and then we arrange craft days and it atttracts many people and it is a conscious effort to create a shop where there is always something happening. We have a number of exhibitions each season with artisans and associations.

Västerbrogatan 15
503 30 Borås
Tel: 033-418999
E-post: info@vavkompaniet.se
Orgnr: 769600-2315