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Paperyarn medium
The yarn is good to weave with and to make flowers. Sold in 2hg skeins containing 175meter and there are about 30 colours to choose between complying with environmental label Oeko-Tex 100. Made of Pirkanmaan kotityö OY, Tampere, Finland.
The yarn is quite stiff is made of paper based on spruce fibers. It is twisted by a little over 2 cm wide strip of paper which is dyed. The yarn is not completely dyed through and you can see a brighter core. This applies to all except the white, nr1 and the unbleached, No.2.
You can use the yarn as both warp and weft. If you want to use it as weft can take advantage of stiffness and skip some holes in the reed. Then yarn will keep out the width of the woven fabric.

If it is important to get straight edges on your woven fabric, moisten the yarn lightly to make it softer and more flexible. Wind up the yarn on a shuttle and moisturizes lightly with a spray bottle. Wrap in a towel for a while so it has time to become soft. Do not wet too much, the paper becomes weaker and can be fluffed during the weaving. The paper dries quickly so there is no risk that it is damp when it rolled onto fabric beam. Many people prefer to weave the string dry. Try out what suits you!
Temple should not be used when the needles destroys the paper and is not necessary either because the yarn is stiff and keeps the width out. Put the string straight through the shed.

Place the skein of a yarn winder which to mount landscape horisontal instead of vertical. The yarn slides easily from the winder else.

You can wash, but the brush, vacuum or air the better. The laundry  the paper. Treating stains before washing. Hand wash 40 ° C with mild detergent. Use a tub that is wider than the fabric so the yarn is not bent. Avoid twisting or spinning. Dry on a smooth surface. Iron gently with three dots.