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Gjord av din hand 2.0

September 2 - October 14, 2017

The second book in Swedish is now released. Since many of our customers like us, that it's fun working in several different techniques and materials so we chose to include it in this book as well. This is about weaving, crouchet, embroidery and other techniques. We have most of the materials in the store but not all. In those cases, we can instead refer to one of our colleagues who have sales channels. In addition, we have a lot of textile tools such as rigid heddles and accessories for it.


Summer Exhibition

June 2 - August 26, 2017

A joint exhibition with mixed techniques and materials.

Exquisite ceramics, cushions in patchwork technique,
Plantdyed yarns, jewelry of fused glass and silver,
Birds in wood and felt, embroidered pillows and cans,
Hand-painted cards and exciting fabrics.

Anna Maria Ekman, Lena Andersson, Thomas Anstrin,
Ellen Holvik
, Kerstin Andrén Lundquist,
Elin Stawåsen Brokvist, Ebon Karlsson, Lene Isedal,
Helén Hedin, Titti Jonsson, Ulla-Maija Airola,
Sofia Stawåsen Brokvist, Anne-Jeanette Rosberg Kroon
and Maria Stawåsen
Warm welcome at the opening Friday 2 June at 12-18!
We are open all summer. Wed-Fri 12-18 Sat 10-14


Exhibition Wood & Textiles
Lars-Åke and Elisabeth Karlsson
April 8-May 20
We are proud and happy to welcome you to Elisabeth and Lars-Åke's exhibition in our gallery!

They have a strong community of craft making and a desire to create with their hands where wood and textiles have followed them throughout their lives. They feel a peace inside when they get planing, turning, sewing and embroidery in an otherwise stressful day. For them it is an important part of life to have to sew stitches after stitches or letting turning iron cut in the wood. Inspiration they get  from each other, other craftsmen and various materials such as a ribbons, a fabric or a piece of wood. Here they show up a little of what they do at home in the carpenter shop and sewing room. It is turned, carved and embroidered.
Welcome to an interesting exhibition!
The opening is on Saturday, April 8th at 10 -14 and then there is Elisabeth and Lars-Åke in place.



Exhibition of ceramics by Leena Pekkanen
February 18 to April 1 2017

Leena began shaping clay in 2010. She creates at home, then burn and glaze elsewhere. Her fantasy combines animals and humans. The creative process is very rewarding for her. Leena listens to Daniel Norgren's music and it inspires her in a funny way, perhaps it is angels music. Ideas come during the work, it just comes ...
Leena has previously exhibited at the Autumn Salon in Borås Art Museum, Flaménska Gallery and Gallery Glass Veranda in Fristad.
Welcome to an exciting show! The opening is on Saturday 18 February at 10- 14, when Leena of course is in place! Bring a friend. The exhibition continues until April 1
so if you can not come at the opening
then feel free to come later.



29th October 2016 - 21th January 2017

OOL ... What could be better when the cold weather begins to come crawling in !?
There will be both knit, crocheted and woven!


Paper Works!
This summer's exhibition
May 28-August 20

Yarns or strings of paper can be used to infinitely!
Textile techniques such as weaving, knitting, crochet and macramé to name just a few examples.

The thin Japanese paper yarn is like a transparent strip suited to weave delicate but strong shutters.
Paperilanka - Finnish paper yarn is a fantastic material to create sculptural fabrics, carpets and runners of. This is thanks to their stiffness and ductility.
To knit a basket or a garland also works fine.
We have used paper yarns since 1994 and still come new ideas and uses.

Vävkompaniet celebrates its 25 year anniversary with this exhibition of members' work.
Even our itsy Ingrid Soderberg Green is on a corner again!
We have also invited another jubilar and colleague. It is Annikka Berlin from Kalix who have been doing weaving for forty years
and the last 15 years exploring opportunities of the paper yarn.

Come in and check out what we have done and have their own ideas of what you want to create.

Welcome to the opening Saturday May 28 at 10-14!

An exhibition of Lotta Grimborg

August 22 to October 3 2015

Lotta Grimborg (1988) was born and raised in Borås but operates in Stockholm. In spring 2015 she took her bachelor's degree in fine arts at the College of Arts, with a focus on crafts. She is passionate about the handmade and operates the craft blog HouseofGrimborg.se <http://houseofgrimborg.se/> and was the 2013 co-founded the artist collective perspective where she currently has her studio space.

Inspiration comes from outside the body and the different layers we take on. How our social body and identity is created based on the attributes we choose to wear. The "Feminina maskerader" Lotta started from what we regard as feminine materials and created sculptural objects in the textile and metal. You will meet everything from wall decorations to appliances where femininity has shifted from the female body to objects.

Welcome to the opening Saturday August 22 at 10-14!
30th May - 15th August 2015

Textile dyed with the fascinating blue dye indigo is the theme for this summers exhibition at Vävkompaniet.
With different shiboritechniques on fabric we have dyed and achieved many interesting patterns.
We have dyed yarn as well and made different woven items.
Out of old jeans in combination with woolen fabrics we have made cushions in a special patchwork technique called skarvsöm.
This and a lot more you can see at the exhibition that opens on
Saturday 30th of May 10-14.

Exhibition Fristad Folkhögskola vävutbildning

8-22 May 2015

There are students in basic and advanced course in weaving showing a selection of spring fabrics. Most of the participants were complete beginners at the start of the course in August and, after one academic year acquired knowledge to design and plan their own fabric.

On display are decorative fabrics for wall, table and body. The techniques used range from the warp prints to damask.

A beautiful expression of creativity you can see in both the angels, butterflies and owls. The materials used are in addition yarn even bicycle tube and pearls.

Welcome Opening Friday May 8 at 12!

14 March-25 April 2015

Now it's exciting! What will be featured at the exhibition!?
All invitees have been working on in secret and waited until the very last to leave the ...
We expect flowers and leaves, birds and more breathable spring...

On Saturday, March 14 10-14, you are welcome at the opening!

an Exhibition
Cecilia Hedin

January 24 to March 7 2015

Cecilia Hedin (1987) is a graphic designer from Boras, trained at the Academy of Arts in San Francisco. After six years in the US, where she also worked on recognized agencies Goodby Silverstein & Partners and Office: Jason Schulte Design, she is now back on Swedish soil and works in Gothenburg.
The inspiration for Cecilia's artistic projects she finds in nature and that is when she runs into the woods that ideas are born. The fascination with the animal world has always been great and anytime she wants to bring all the animals home, but instead she runs the ongoing project portraying them at her drawing board.
The exhibition with Cecilia Hedin featuring animals and nature portrayed with pen, paper and textiles.

A warm welcome to the opening on Saturday 24th January at 10 -14!


Gjord av din hand
November 29, 2014 - January 17, 2015

A new book which we released in the fall with ideas from the members of Vävkompaniet in Borås. Now we show everything that is listed in the book of the exhibition of the same name in our little gallery! Here we present different techniques , materials and tools. Paper Yarn , Fantti , Mexican fibers and many other fun and inspirational materials. The book is divided into woven, knitted , crocheted and some with mixed techniques , so there is much to see!

A warm welcome to the opening on Saturday, November 29 at 10-14 !


Riddarsporren i mitt växtrike

16 augusti - 13 september 2014

Maj-Liz Hedendahl

I utställningen kommer jag att visa akvareller, silkscreentryck och fritt broderi på maskin.
 Inspirationen till motiven har jag hämtat från växternas rika formvärld, som i det närmaste är oändlig och helt makalös. Former och strukturer som upprepar sig och förändras i ett ändlöst flöde. Naturen är en generös inspirationskälla. 

 Även de olika teknikernas möjligheter och begränsningar inspirerar och tillsammans med växternas blad skapar jag nya mönster och former.

Varmt välkommen på vernissage på lördag 16/8 kl 10-14!



Fristads Folkhögskolas vävutbildning
fängslande väv

9-24 May 2014

Now we are all excited to see what they have woven on Fristads Folkhögskolas vävutbildning during the school year has gone!

Warm welcome at the opening Friday, May 9 at 12!



Tovat & Fågelkvitter
by Lena Andersson

March 22-April 26 2014

What could fit better to the beginning of spring with an exhibition of Lena Andersson's wonderful birds and flowers! ?

Lena says : Shaping and sculpting wool into shapes with water and soap or needle is

Mostly I make three-dimensional figures, any birds but alsoother animals.
I felt everyday items too, like pillows , bags, baby slippers and images.

I find great joy in this creative and have discovered that you can
combine several different methods and techniques to increase the stability and expression in the product.
Iron wire , wood, pearls, silk and embroidery will be a great addition .
I dye and card wool to get the colour and quality I want depending on what I should make.

I have always been interested in crafts and has been frequently
craft courses , including a felting course on Löftadalens folkhögskola and crafts training at Steneby .

A warm welcome to the opening on Saturday 22 March at 10-14.

Britt-Marie Fabic

15th February - 15th March 2014

This exhibition presents itself our new member Britt-Marie Fabic with pictures of various techniques.

"I started my career with weaving , hand weaving Textilinstitutet and Blomqvist Fritsla , well known among many older weavers.

I was never a textile artist . Life got in the way and I have since the 70's working with bacteria and viruses that biomedical scientists , besides a few years at the knitting boom of the 80 's, when I had a shop with yarn and crafts.

With Vävkompaniet , it feels a bit like being back where I started . I feel privileged to once again be in such a creative environment .

 In parallel with the professional world above , I have always worked with the visual arts. During the 80's I did most textile collages. By Thea Tanner I got in touch with Textilia , invaluable for a textilare .

Over time , it became less textile pictures and more in oil , watercolor and paper collage . Now I show a mix inspired by the swedish west coast, the eternal and the ephemeral and my textile related to Vävkompaniet .

Had I had more focus, I might have been able to have an impact , but I'm a jack of all trades .

Sometimes think , when a stone rolls away when I go. This is my impression in eternity. "

A warm welcome to the opening Saturday , February 15th at 10-14 !
Tea for two

11 January to 8 February 2014

Woven and ceramics
Karin & Ingrid Moldin
A warm welcome to the opening Saturday January 11 from 10 to 14!

Who are the two that exhibit?
Ingrid Moldin
Education in handweaving :
FRISTADS folkhögskola
Bachelor , School of Textiles , University of Borås
Tapestry weaving in Helena Hernmarck special technique was a few years ago my interest and challenge after having had the privilege of attending the course for her.
After one course , we formed pupils ' Team Hernmarck " and had , along with Helena Hernmarck, exhibitions both in Sweden (Borlänge 2011) and the USA ( Minneapolis , 2012 ) .
Now, we call ourselves "Nordic Tapestry" and we have recently completed an exhibition at the Avenue restaurant in Kivik.
Learn more about the group Nordic Tapestry here:
In this exhibition you can see the works of both me and my daughter.
Karin Moldin
Textile Engineering & Hobby Potter
I have over 15 years joined evening classes pottery. Early on I was hooked for throwing, which is still my favorite moments in ceramics.
To sit with muddy hands, kicking off the potter's wheel and concentrate on centering the clay is for me a form of meditation.
It's great to leave the stress and thoughts outside the workshop and focus on clay.
Trained in ceramics :
Evening courses at Yrjö Häkkinen, Studiefrämjandet Boras
Crafts Education Ceramics / Textiles , Oskarshamn Folkhögskola



November 16-December 21 

Now that the cold starts to come tiptoeing so it fits so well with the wool!

On exhibition in our little gallery there are such that varm any friend or yourself with; such as gloves, wrist warmers, shawls, scarves and hats etc.
To cozy up to it with the home's rugs, carpets, Christmas ornaments.
Techniques that stuff is made ​​in the weaving, knitting, felting and more.
The shop of course Christmas decorations and also material for those who want to do yourself!

Warm Welcome!
all we
Exhibition Frivoliteter by Hanna Lindholm

Oct 12-Nov 9 2013

Tatting is a technique to make lace or other fine things . When you make tatting you use your hands and a small shuttle with yarn . To knot double knots as the knot - larch head, between these joints are often small loops / picots which is part of the pattern.

Tatting originated sometime in late 18th century. In 1843 came the first time in print as "Ladies Handbook of Millinery , Dressmaking and Tatting " published . Frivoliteter is the Swedish word for tatting .
In the 1920s it was quite common that patients made tatting at sanatoriums because it was a dust-free needlework .

Hanna Lindholm and tatting
Different kinds of needlework has always interested me and the age of 15 , I learned tatting beat of my older sister Sara, who himself had learned from an old lady in Gothenburg.
Knitting was then down for quite a few years and was taken up again in the early 2000s when I found several patterns on the internet.
Then I also learned some new techniques that made it more interesting including how to use beads with tatting .
My master piece is a 5 meter long lace which sits on a bridal veil , it was made for a wedding in 2007.

In September 2012 , I went and Sara to a frivolitets conference in Georgia, USA, which has been held every September since 2003. It was a wonderful experience that I would like to revive .

Welcome to the opening on Saturday October 12 at 10 to 14 ! Then you meet Hanna Lindholm and seeing her make some tatting . The exhibition runs then until November 9.

Meningsfulla broderier (Meaningful embroidery)
17 August-14 September 2013

Gunilla explores words, messages, and relationships and is linked to earlier times textile traditions, and the female tasks. I love the thread and colour and often use "textile scrap" in my work.

Gunilla Rajala live in Alingsås and trained at Stenebyskolan, KV.s Art School and the University of Gothenburg. She has had solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group exhibitions with fabrics, embroidery, textile collages and objects. Represented in Alingsås Municipality, Mölndal Municipality and the Västra götalands region. Is currently working on embroidery in the juried summer exhibition at Alingsås Konsthall.

Welcome to the opening Saturday, Aug. 17, at 10.00-14.00
The midwinter night
cold is intense, the stars sparkle and gleam .........
That is the theme of Vävkompaniets Christmas Exhibition this year as we open up with the opening on Saturday 17 november 10:00 to 14:00.

The exhibition lasts until 12 January next year.
The store is closed between Christmas and Epiphany.

by Anne-Jeanette Rosberg Kroon
22/9-27/10 20
FÖRLÄNGD till 10 november! Då avslutar vi storstilat med Vävcafé! Kom och prata om vävning och fika med oss!

Anne-Jeanette is a trained goldsmith at the Technical School in Copenhagen.
A few years after training in Denmark, she started at Fristads Folkhögskola on the hand weaving class.
Naturally, she wanted to get in the metal in the loom - she weaves usually in silver thread and mix in semi-precious stones and textiles in the piece.
The pendant is shaped during the process, depending on how she manages with metallic fabric on the loom.

Welcome to the opening Saturday 22/9 at 10-14!


20th June - 18th August 2012

Summer exhibition with inspiration from sculptures in Borås

Woven, felted and paintings by both members and other invited artists


Welcome to the opening of the exhibition on Wednesday 20th June at 12!